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81Belsky A.,
Hellenbrandt M.,
Karen V.L.,
Luksch P.
New developments in the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD): accessibility in support of materials research and design
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Acta Crystallogr.2002583364-369
82Faber J.,
Fawcett T.,
Kabekkodu S.N.
New Powder Diffraction File (PDF-4) in relational database format: advantages and data-mining capabilities
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Acta Crystallogr.2002583333-337
83Carr M.J.,
Chambers W.F.,
Himes V.L.,
Melgaard D.,
Mighell A.D.,
Stalick J.
NIST (Sandia) ICDD electron diffraction database: A database for phase identification by electron diffraction
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84Karen V.L.,
Mighell A.D.
NIST Crystallographic Databases for Research and Analysis
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85Karen V.L.,
Vanderah T.A.
NIST databases for inorganic-materials research
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Proc. Int. Symp. on Materials Database (MITS 2008). July 17-18, 2008. NIMS, Tsukuba200835-58
86Munro R.G.NIST Materials Properties Databases forAdvanced Ceramics
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87NIST Standard Reference Database 88. NIST/TRC Ideal Gas Database. Version 2.0 .Users' Guide. Gaithersburg: NIST
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200613 p.
88Audi G.,
Bersillon O.,
Blachot J.,
Wapstra A.H.
NUBASE: a database of nuclear and decay properties
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Nucl.Instrum. and Methods in Physics Res.A1996369511-515
89Ho C. Y.,
Li H.H.
Numerical databases on materials property data at CINDAS/Purdue University
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J.Chem.Inf. and Comput.Sci.199333136-45
90Gough S.R.,
Rodgers J.R.,
Wood G.H.
Operation of an international data center: Canadian Scientific Numeric Database Service
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J.Chem.Inf. and Comput.Sci.199333131-35
91Fujita M.,
Iwata S.,
Kano S.,
Kurihara Y.,
Nakajima R.,
Shimura K.,
Tachi Y.,
Tsuji H.,
Yokoyama N.
Present status of Data-Free-Way (distributed database system for advanced nuclear materials)
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92Bloxham J.C.,
Giles N.F.,
Knotts T.A.,
Redd M.E.,
Wilding W.V.
Proper Use of the DIPPR 801 Database for Creation of Models, Methods, and Processes
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J.Chem.and Eng.Data2021V.66N.1P.3-10
93Heward M.S.,
Kline A.A.,
Mullins M.E.,
Rogers T.N.,
Trumbell M.R.,
Wells P.M.,
Whitten C.R.,
Zei D.A.
Quantitative review and delivery of reliable physical property data: development of DIPPR® Environ 2001TM database and estimation software
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Fluid Phase Equilibria200118521-29
94Bardeau J.-F.,
Borovin E.,
Cassetta M.,
Chateigner D.,
El Mendili Y.,
Gascoin S.,
Grazulis S.,
Hehlenh B.,
Kumar A.,
Le Gueni M.,
Lutterotti L.,
Mariotto G.,
Mathevet F.,
Merkys A.,
Orberger B.,
Raman Open Database: first interconnected Raman–X-ray diffraction open-access resource for material identification
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95Muller H.,
Rehme S.,
Ruehl S.,
Zagorac D.,
Zagorac J.
Recent developments in the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database: theoretical crystal structure data and related features
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96Komornicki S.,
Streiff R.
Relational data structure of the coating database from the "Coatings & High Temperature Corrosion Data Bank"
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J.Phys. IV199331013-1021
97Bale C.W.,
Belisle E.,
Chartrand P.,
Decterov S.A.,
Eriksson G.,
Gheribi A.E.,
Hack K.,
Jung I.-H.,
Kang Y.-B.,
Melancon J.,
Pelton A. D.,
Petersen S.,
Robelin C.,
Sangster J.,
Spencer P.J.,
Reprint of: FactSage thermochemical software and databases, 2010– 2016
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98Ceder G.,
Jain A.,
Persson K.A.
Research Update: The Materials Genome Initiative: Data Sharing and the Impact of Collaborative ab initio Databases
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APL Mater.2016V.4N.5P.053102/1-15
99Denley D.R.,
Hart H.V.
RINGS: a new search/match database for identification by polycrystalline electron diffraction
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100Dinsdale A.T.SGTE data for pure elements
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